Assignment description 

For this assignment we are looking for a Data Platform Engineer with hands-on AWS background to help our client tear down old infrastructure. This old infrastructure will stop being critical, but it may contain critical pieces that need to be identified and migrated, before they can tear it down completely.

They need a fairly standalone profile that can start from scratch to map existing infra, identify connections/communications/dependencies, do a bit of project management to dissect the process, come up with a plan to turn off things before actually killing them (in order to allow for bringing them back on if needed), help out with some minor migrations to their new infra, and help them get the job done with as little help from the current team. They aim for you to decrease cognitive load in the team, so it’s vital that the you can navigate the situation to a great degree on your own whilst receiving guidelines and supervision nevertheless.

For this role they are not looking for a Data Engineer that likes to mangle data, but a Software Engineer that doesn’t shy away from working with data, and has experience working with AWS, and believes that the best way to contribute is by removing lines of code, rather than adding lines of code. If it turns out you are a unicorn, and can be both a great Software Engineer and a Data Engineer, they won’t complain.


  • 3+ years with a track record in mapping/inventory, documentation and project management
  • Used to working in Linux/MacOS
  • Heavy written communication in English


Ort: Stockholm




Option:Möjlighet till förlängning


Det går inte längre att söka den här tjänsten.