Assignment Description

Our client is seeking a consultant for an exciting role in software development and integration. Work with OpenAI’s API, create functionalities through fine-tuning, prompt engineering, and integrate with high-search security databases. Bring everything together into a comprehensive application and be a key part of our innovative technical team.

About the team:

The company’s AI team, comprising skilled professionals in data analysis and machine learning, drives an operational upgrade. Three focused data science groups (NLP, Risk Prediction, and AI-driven business) work with a clear structure. A dedicated data engineering team supports with algorithm deployment. The NLP team implements advanced security solutions, and the Risk Intelligence team is integral to operations, enabling effective decision-making.


  • 5 years of experience as a software developer
  • Python and object-oriented programming (Python OOP)
  • Azure cloud platform, including the use of Azure AD / MS Entra ID
  • Knowledge of Databricks
  • Skills in containerization, like Kubernetes and Docker
  • Expertise in AI and ML
  • Experience with Apache Spark MLlib
  • Familiarity with MLOps
  • Understanding of Open AI and prompt engineering.
  • Language: English


Ort: Delvis distans, Malmö





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