Assignment Description

We are looking for a Technical Writer to our client to set up a framework for the API documentation in Developers Hub. The API documentation is critical for distributors to seamlessly integrate and utilize the BaaS platform’s services. Currently, the documentation is messy and done ad hoc. There is some documentation in the Dev Hub, however the APIs terminology varies between all teams. The documentation is structured per team, rather than structured per user case.


The client need someone to give the documentation structure and make it user friendly. Articulate a vision on what the documentation should look like from a distributor’s point of view, while making it maintainable for the development teams. The documentation is written in English.

Collaboration & feedback loops:
Reach out to Stakeholders across teams to understand the product and company vision. Establish collaboration to gather input from developers on documentation clarity and usability. Iterate on documentation based on the developer feedback.

Guidance on API documentation best practices:
Provide guidance on interpreting and effectively utilizing API documentation. Develop guiding material on documentation best practices. Collaborate with developers to ensure that they know how to maintain clear and concise documentation.


  • Proven experience in writing API documentation, particularly for fintech or banking services.
  • Project Management skills; has successfully driven projects from start to completion.
  • Effectively communicate objectives, progress, and outcomes to stakeholders.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills in English.
  • Ability to understand technical concepts and translate them into clear, concise documentation.
  • Promoter for well-maintained documentation within development teams.
  • Speaks and writes Swedish and English fluently


Ort: Stockholm, Stockholms Län





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