Assignment Description

Our client SKF’s Product Development & Engineering department is looking for a temporary programmer who can assist in CREO model programming and NSR building. The assignment entails building new features and programming in existing CREO models with Pro/Program and in NSR for 2D representation of PDMlink WT-part attributes. The position is for a couple of weeks but can be extended if necessary.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Implement and program new features according to agreement.
  • Implement new features in NSRs according to agreement.

Desired Experience:

  • Good knowledge of how to build robust models and significant experience in Pro/Program.
  • Strong understanding of programming geometrical representations in 2D.
  • Experience in similar tasks.
  • Ability to propose new modeling and programming concepts.


Ort: Göteborg




Ansök senast:2024-05-20