Assignment Description

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer/Senior Envoy Engineer to our client that will join the team in their Platform mission that is responsible for their Perimeter infrastructure, especially around their Envoy-based reverse-proxy that receives every external traffic.
The goal will be to implement security features (rate limiting, WAF, etc.) on their perimeter.

What they will build:
Over the next 6 months, the client aim to implement multiple protections in their perimeter (Edge) to protect them from bad traffic such as DDoS, scraping, etc. While these are problems they can never be fully rid of, they aim to significantly improve the protections their platform has against these issues.

They will have 3 main deliverables:

  • Rate limiting in Edge
  • Per user/client quota system
  • WAF and blocking API functionality

Relevant skills:

  • Envoy experience(required, they will write Envoy filters)
  • One of: C++/go (must have at least one)
  • Grounding in web application security (desired)


Ort: Stockholm





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