Assignment description 

As a System Engineer at our client in Gothenburg your responsibilities will be to create innovative proposals for exterior aspects, main focus is body colours (but additionally wheel finishes, calipers, accent colours, 2 tone and cladding aspects. You will also maintain a transversal strategy keeping the right balance between consistency and innovation, work with benchmark and trend presentation as well as A & B master-delivery.

Description of tasks

Exploratory creative phase for all projects:

  • Work closely with the project designers and chiefs to understand each project’s needs and creatively contribute to the CMF manifestos
  • Develop CMF themes/stories for exterior CMF exploration directions aligned with the overall CMF concept
  • Present regularly benchmark of the competitors related to exterior aspects
  • Create and present for each project in exploratory phase a range of innovative exterior CMF proposals
  • Developed internally or with exterior suppliers, targeting a clear choice at DSM5 leading to confirmation at AA2 ( briefs, trends, benchmark, CMF presentations, samples, VRED renders, VR proposals, paint panels, frogs, body sections and exterior models)
  • Work with Lead SE and program designer for CMD delivery
  • Present in regular project meetings and reviews the CMF exterior proposals, themes and have strong arguments for selling in and maintaining the CMF concepts
  • Participate in relevant Line meetings, project meetings and Design Board
  • Create / generate modified or new CMF proposals for this area any time required, in alignment with the program Chief and designer
  • CMD creation for physical exterior CMF models and follow up at model makers
  • Follow the development of the A master working closely with everyone involved (suppliers, purchasing, program and Chief designers, BA, etc) and keeping the ME informed of the choices made at DSM5
  • Possibility to travel to suppliers in both EU and China

Holistic cross-carline strategy and continuous innovative exploration:

  • Create the consistency strategy in this area, monitor the colours in each factory and work holistically cross carline
  • Maintain a constant interest and inspire the whole CMF team and key stakeholders about new aspects, technologies, trends and sustainable processes in this area.
  • Work with the exterior design team to understand their design strategy and how to support it through CMF
  • Follow all updates from the brand team and collaborate with BA for material strategies that would strengthen the brand
  • Collaborate with the Material Lab on advanced design subjects

Industrialization phase for all projects (with an SE support):

  • Follow the development of the B master and CD master working closely with everyone involved until AA2 (SE, suppliers, ME, VEM, purchasing, program/chief designers, BA, etc) and taking responsibilities to follow up with Shanghai studio after AA2
  • Support the Lead SE with CMD updates for exterior
  • Presentations, renders and VR as required when there are changes
  • Participate in relevant Line meetings and Design Board
  • Participate in relevant project reviews, VP and TT car reviews
  • Create / generate modified or new CMF proposals if required, in alignment with program designer/chief
  • possibility to travel to suppliers in both EU and China

Required skills and experience:

  • Knowledge/experience working both with body colour development and in projects as CMF designer
  • Creative and structured mind
  • Adaptive and resilient
  • Flexible and fast paced
  • Team player
  • Excellent skills in Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Experience in working in VRED and VR


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Ansök senast:2023-09-27