Assignment description

With this assignment you will dive into an electrifying role where you’ll play with vehicle charging systems, mingle with a fabulously diverse team, and occasionally pack your bags for some adventurous expeditions for our customer!


  • Flex those testing muscles on our client’s Charging System (DC & AC) within snazzy vehicles
  • Juggle software testing and shake hands with cool charging standards like CCS, GB/T, and ChaDemo
  • Flaunt your skills with tools like CANoe, CANalyzer, ETAS INCA, and CANape for the ultimate testing and calibration party
  • Craft some genius test designs, drive those vehicle tests, and be the superhero troubleshooter we all need


  • Birth those Design Verification Methods and craft “Acceptance tests” that everyone will rave about
  • Test components and vehicles
  • Be the glue in tight-knit collabs with the team, sprinkling wisdom on new shiny implementations
  • Script and automate tests like a wizard
  • Strap in for expeditions, with your eyes laser-focused on top-notch, safety-critical testing

Skills and experience needed:

  • Rock a BSc or even higher in tech, with a sprinkle of Electronics and Embedded Software expertise
  • Have the magic touch for software downloads in vehicle platforms? And a romance with CANoe and CANalyzer? You’re golden
  • Electrical Safety education is a must-have. Don’t have it? No worries! Our client’s got your back, though your firm foots the bill

Other traits:

  • Got a problem-solving wand and a heart that loves teamwork
  • A dash of charm and a pinch of communicator


Ort: Göteborg





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