Assignment description

Client to us is rebuilding and globally harmonizing the “API” between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems. Azure is one of the foundation technologies for this change.

This work is organized as a small project with a mix of employees and consultants. Your tasks will include building a new version of the customers Azure platform that conforms to the new architecture, the new platform will be built using GitOps utilizing Azure DevOps.
You will be responsible for building and running the Infrastructure Platform Layer of a Globally Available, High Performant and Secure Azure infrastructure platform.

Key responsibilities of this role:

  • Build and run repos and pipelines for GitOps/DevOps
  • Build and run networks and resources
  • Management of PaaS environments
  • Management of Secrets
  • Management of Azure platform through GitOps/DevOps
  • Management of Azure security together with Security Team
  • Build and Run monitoring and observability (both platform and application)
  • Support and Coach Internal Staff learning above areas

Skills and experience required:

  • Azure Platform Management
  • Azure Network Management
  • Azure DevOps for GitOps Management
  • Azure Polices Management
  • Azure PaaS services Management
  • Infrastructure as Code with Bicep
  • Secure development lifecycle experience


Ort: Stockholm





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