Assignment Description

Our client in the automotive industry is currently seeking a Software Engineer – DevOps.

Our client is making bold digital visions come true. They aim to lead in the automotive world by creating a digital ecosystem built around simplifying their customers’ lives. Now they are looking for curious, creative people who want to change the world through innovative thinking.

The preparation for their digital future is done in many distinct parts. Development is conducted with a human-centric mindset using Agile/DevOps practices. If you want to work at the heart of current software development and develop cutting-edge tooling infrastructure for future cars, enabling our client as a software-driven company, then you are the DevOps person we are looking for.

You will be part of a development team that creates tools for tracing changes to car software that is subject to certification in certain markets. They are involved in connecting the complete software development chain, from source code to software application in a complete vehicle.

Our client works as an agile, cross-functional, empowered team with responsibility to develop and manage the software tracing and visualization tool, encompassing many different areas that need to be combined and developed.

In this position, you will work in an agile environment where you, as their developer, are empowered to bring requirements all the way from the reviewing stage to production-ready functionality. You will also collaborate on code reviews and establish plans for architecting code to ensure top-notch quality and allow for quick changes.


  • Write tests for your own code
  • Write end-user documentation
  • Build user experiences using frontend technologies and support end-users
  • Work with top competencies within DevOps, a cross-functional team with skills in TypeScript, NodeJS, React, Neo4J GraphQL, Bash, and software architecture
  • Work in a cross-functional team
  • Work across their development process, from creating requirements to putting code into production
  • Participate in and contribute to DevOps practices
  • Build innovative products and services that will deliver value to their customers
  • Collaborate and share knowledge, growing and developing further by working with highly skilled colleagues and product areas, of which they are very proud.

The Environment:

  • Azure Cloud Services
  • NodeJS (Apollo-Server, TypeScript)
  • Neo4J Database

Required Competences:

  • Fluent in writing TypeScript code
  • Experience working with Apollo-server in NodeJS
  • Familiarity with GraphQL for creating client’s type definitions and schemas
  • Proficiency in Neo4j Graph Database
  • Knowledge of React for frontend development
  • Experience with Azure Cloud Services

Desired Attributes:

  • Curiosity and open-mindedness
  • Continuous striving to develop skillsets by networking internally and externally
  • Willingness to develop a T-shaped profile by expanding knowledge into one or more other specializations
  • Understanding, applying, and following agile team principles and ceremonies
  • Interest in user needs and user journey for product team outcomes
  • Willingness to network with stakeholders, if necessary, for technical elicitation
  • Outgoing, easy to talk to, and patient demeanor
  • Self-motivated and unafraid to initiate contact with new people


Ort: Göteborg





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