Assignment Description:

Our client in the automotive industry is currently seeking a Fault Tracing and Diagnostics Engineer. As a member of our client’s Fault Tracing and Development team, you will be responsible for designing product architecture and establishing the requirements needed to ensure an effective and efficient end-to-end fault tracing workflow for Service Providers. Working cross-functionally across the organization, from the concept stage to after-market, you will leverage your understanding of end-user product performance with fault tracing methods and tools to drive or assist in architecture, system, and product design. You must be adaptable to the latest and future developments, such as connectivity, electrification, mobility, and autonomous drive solutions.

Your focus will be on the Service Provider and the customer service experience. You will bring value by understanding the Service Provider’s needs from both a business and end-user perspective, effectively communicating these needs, and driving architectural, system, and product changes as necessary. Balancing current and future needs, you will ensure that the solutions our client delivers are sustainable, scalable, and in line with our client’s strategy. As an expert, you will know how our client can best assist its Service Providers in solving problems for customers and translate needs from multiple stakeholders into technical solutions within a coherent architecture.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Understand the workshop’s need for fault tracing, its motives, and incentives.
  • Design the end-to-end workflow in terms of products and capabilities.
  • Define and maintain requirements for relevant functions, systems, and components required to support the needed products and capabilities.
  • Create and maintain a function development roadmap needed to meet future technology and needs.
  • Monitor the performance and end-user experience of our client’s fault tracing products.
  • Support product teams in design and implementation as needed to align products with the intended end-to-end workflow.
  • Coordinate architecture and system design with Solution and System architects.
  • Assist in the design of on-board and off-board diagnostic capabilities for specific functions or systems.
  • Define test cases and set up the template of verification for fault tracing products.


  • Senior experience in network telecommunications, telematics, and connectivity solutions.
  • Senior experience in automotive diagnostics technology and methodology.
  • Experience in use case design and requirements engineering.
  • Experience and expertise in electronics.
  • Field experience in performing diagnostics/fault tracing.
  • Experience or expertise in business development.
  • Experience or expertise in the verification of diagnostics/fault tracing products.
  • Experience or expertise within automotive aftermarket operations is meritorious.
  • Experience in using tools like CarWeaver, Confluence, JIRA, MIRO is meritorious.

Desired Attributes:

  • Good communicator.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Interest in both technology and electronics.
  • Structured.
  • Target-oriented.
  • Team player.
  • Shares company values.
  • Ambitious.

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