Our client is looking for Project Manager/ Implementation Specialist who will be responsible for overseeing and driving the clients implementation of new instructions, processes and tools to ensure compliance with DORA legislation. The purpose is to establish ownership of article 8 the Information Asset Capability as part of the ICT Risk Management framework, aiming to enhance ICT risk management and operational resilience in compliance with DORA requirements. This involves creating an information asset registry that includes ownership details and guidelines aligned with DORA requirements, the company’s governance, and operational practices.

Assignment scope
• Interpretation of information assets vs. DORA regulation vs. Data management.
• Update and verify Information asset gap analysis taking into account:

  • Data Management framework (Policy, Instructions and Playbook)
  • Example: Relations Information Assets and Data assets (Meta data)
  • ICT Risk Management framework
  • DORA Playbook
  • Adherence gaps in 1LOD and reason why

• Identify, plan and execute on required actions to close identified gaps
• Establish linkages to the overall and other relevant processes within ICT Risk Management Framework (ICT RMF) and Data Management framework.
• Assign ownership responsibilities for information assets aligned with operating model
• Define the concept of information assets.
• Provide clear guidelines and instructions for managing information assets.
• Develop a robust classification process.
• Enhance system capabilities for efficient registry and classification.
• Establish a central register of information asset (abstract level as DORA requirements).
• Establish links and interdependencies to ICT assets according to DORA requirements- (ref A8 and RTS RMF A4 and A5).
• Define how Critical or important functions (CIF) will work with Information Asset as part of CIF annual cycle.


• Deep understanding of Data Management including data governance and metadata
• Proven working experience as a Project Manager in the Information Security and Data Management areas.
• Strong familiarity with DORA principles and practices, specifically Article 8 – Information Assets.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills.
• Great time management skills.
• Comfortable to facilitate workshops including documenting and distributing outcomes.
• Comfortable to handle managers/stakeholders, different perspectives and prioritize backlogs.

Language Skills:
Swedish and English

3 days on-site in Stockholm



Ort: Stockholm




Ansök senast:2024-08-07