Assignment Description

Our client in the automotive industry is currently seeking a 3D polygon modeler.

The Technical Visualization team within the Visualization department at our client’s Design department is looking for a 3D polygon modeler to join as a consultant. To succeed in this role, we believe you have a passion for creating soft part models in an accurate and structured way, with an eye for detail to create models as a base for photorealistic renders.

The team focuses on:

  • Realizing design projects into commercial assets mainly through the concepts of Digital Twin and Digital Universe.
  • Creating a customer digital twin car dataset.
  • Improving the content creation pipeline.
  • Enabling the creation of customer experiences of tomorrow.
  • Creating opportunities for the surrounding world to explore their products.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Create models of soft parts according to a set workflow.
  • Model soft parts in high poly and low poly versions, including optimization using photos, CAD data, and physical models as references.
  • Insert models into a digital car dataset that forms the base for commercial assets like images, animations, and 3D experiences.


  • Experience working as a 3D polygon modeler in the automotive or gaming industry.
  • Advanced software skills in tools such as Blender, Maya, or 3dsMax.
  • Understanding of polygon modeling workflow with best practices for topology and edge flow for both subdiv and low poly models.
  • Knowledge of UV unwrapping, shadow and normal baking, material assignments, hierarchies, and scene tree management.
  • Scripting knowledge in Python or MEL is a plus.
  • Experience in Deltagen for gathering, organizing, and cleaning up reference CAD models is a big bonus.
  • A master’s degree from a university, technical college, or similar.
  • A great understanding of visualization software and the technical pipeline for content creation.
  • Several years of relevant experience within this technical area, e.g., from another automotive company, the computer game industry, a CGI production company, or a product experience company.

Desired Attributes:

  • Motivated and engaged, with a “nothing is impossible” attitude.
  • Enjoy sharing knowledge and working in teams.
  • Good cooperation and communication skills.
  • Highly driven and results-focused, striving to be the best in the field.
  • Fluent in English, as our client is a global company.


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Ansök senast:2024-07-26