Assignment description

For this role we are searching for a System Engineer who will focus on Blackbox and HMI Module.

Important system engineering tasks:

  • Review product requirement documents (both software and hardware) received from the customer and discuss/clarify requirements with customer. Ensure that the Asian design centre receives and understands the requirements properly.
  • Guide our Asian design engineers towards the most cost efficient HW/SW solutions which still meets expected performance. As “the middle man”, we often have the best understanding of what the customer needs/expects and what our company can achieve and based on that can suggest the optimal solution.
  • Join regular product design reviews with customer to ensure that our technical solution meeting expectations. Separate joint reviews are held for electronics, software, system safety (if applicable) and cyber security. The system engineer acts as the interface towards the customer in all four review areas.
  • Deliver prototype parts during the development (typically 3-5 times). Review the product performance together with customer and feed back any deviations to our design engineers. Prototype judgement is sometimes done at bench level but also installed in prototype vehicles or hardware-in-the-loop rigs. Readiness for hand-on modification of prototypes (replace/add components by soldering, making wire harness adaptors etc.) if fast updates are requested.
  • Support the quality team with electronic and software competence after start of production in case any quality issue appears in the field.
  • Take part in “proof of concept” and demonstration prototype design and manufacturing during the promotion phase. Such activities are often based on a local innovation originating from our team which is refined and turned into a conceptual prototype our local in-house workshop. We have several examples where we have created new products and even new product areas within the team from which the global organization can benefit.
  • Support the “get the business” phase when we are preparing a commercial and technical offer to the customer based in their specifications and in competition with other suppliers wins the business of new products. The duration of this process is typically 3-6 months with a lot of preparation concept investigations beforehand.

Main skills profile:

  • Bachelor or Master in electrical engineering.
  • Some knowledge in software development. Need to understand C language and embedded real-time systems. Necessary to lead software joint reviews with customer.
  • Innovative mindset and ability of thinking outside the box. This is key competence for adding value as system engineer between customer and design engineer.
  • Self management. Important to manage assigned tasks independently and take the issues from A to B without getting stuck in the middle. Make realistic promises to customer, deliver on time. Proactiveness is highly appreciated, don’t wait until the problem finds you!
  • Social skills to explain/visualize problems, elaborate on solutions etc. both with in-house stakeholders in Asia and also with our customer interfaces. Achieve win-win results. Maintain good relations over time.
  • Multi-tasking capability needed since we work on several projects simultaneously and often develop concept/product/tools in parallel.
  • Team player that can assist other team members in the daily work to overcome bottlenecks. Not afraid to jump in and help also outside the mechanical domain.
  • Interested in making principal prototypes using 3D-printers, CNC-machines, laser cutters, electric circuit design and routing softwares etc.
  • Driver license B


Ort: Göteborg





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